Change to the terms of use for BENEVITA

Change to the terms of use for BENEVITA

Platform provider

SWICA is the contracting party for users of BENEVITA. 3AP AG, Vulkanstrasse 106, 8048 Zurich, is the technology supplier and the technical operator of BENEVITA.

Visionarity privacy policy

Following the switch to our new technical operator 3AP, Visionarity’s privacy policy and terms of use are no longer valid. SWICA’s privacy policy now applies.

Data storage and deletion

Data is stored electronically by our hosting partner Ops One AG, Weststrasse 77, 8003 Zurich.

The new terms of use come into force when you log into the BENEVITA interim platform.

You can find the full terms of use here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at