Hiking Route

Panoramic winter hike on the Flumserberg from Tannenbodenalp though the Crappawald woods to Prodalp. A classic! This round trip gives you a stunning panorama of the jagged Churfirsten mountains, the rocky peak of the Spitzenmeilen, the Liechtenstein Alps, and Walensee lake deep down in the valley below.

Start: Tannenbodenalp bus station / upper cable car terminus (parking available)

Finish: Tannenbodenalp bus station / upper cable car terminus

Stops: Accommodation and food: various options at Tannenbodenalp Food only: Chrüz mountain restaurant, Prodalp mountain restaurant

Description: Signposted winter hiking trail

Highlights: Views of the Churfirsten, Crappawald and Madils Plateau

  • 00.00h Tannenbodenalp, 1375 m
  • 01.05h Chrüz, 1597 m
  • 01.50h Prodalp, 1572 m
  • 02.45h Tanzplatz, 1437 m
  • 03.00h Tannenbodenalp, 1375 m


The winter hike starts at  Tannenbodenalp on the Flumserberg. You get there either by cable car  from Unterterzen on Lake Walensee or by PostBus, for example from Sargans or Flums. There are various places to eat and sleep at Tannenbodenalp, including the cosy Hotel Tannenboden-Steinbock (+41 81 733 11 22), close to the slopes.

The hike takes you from Tannenbodenalp to the bottom of the Maschgenkamm ski lift towards Chrüz, and from there to the left up lightly wooded slopes towards Schwammchopf and Tanzplatz (the “dance floor”). Shortly before Tanzplatz you head left towards Winkelzahn, then once you’re level with Chrüz  turn left to the Floomzer toboggan chute. The wide walking path now takes you under the Floomzer. At the first fork in the path you take a right, and then, before the second fork, cross the ski piste. After around 500 m you take the path to the left towards Chrüz, uphill to Chrüz mountain restaurant (+41 81 733 13 22). From there you traverse the piste again. Behind the station at the bottom of the Stelli chairlift there’s a short, steep climb through light forest. A magnificent view awaits you! The path then takes you gently downhill along the Crappawald woods to Prodalp (+41 81 733 27 23), and down to Madils Plateau. From there the path takes you along more or less level ground through sunny, snowy moorland. After a short ascent at Schwammkopf you head to the wooden hut (“Holzhütte”) by the  Tanzplatz, and shortly afterwards you’re back where you started at Tannenbodenalp.