Oeschinensee – Blüemlisalp – Bundalp – Griesalp

Oeschinensee – Blüemlisalp – Bundalp – Griesalp


An absolutely classic hike! This mountain hike offers an overwhelming view of the glaciers on the northern flank of Blüemlisalp and the Unesco World Heritage Site.

Starting point: Oeschinen cable car (valley station: Kandersteg GKO, train connections to Kandersteg)

End point: Griesalp (bus stop at the Kurhaus)

Stop: Accommodations and board: Blüemlisalp SAC hut, Oberi Bundalp, Mountain guesthouse Golderli in Griesalp

Highlights: Oeschinensee and overwhelming views of the glaciers on the northern flank of Blüemlisalp and the Unesco World Heritage Site.

Note: Special caution during the descent, some places have ropes and chains for safety

  • 00.00 hrs Oeschinen cable car station, at 1,682 metres
  • 1.30 hrs Oberbärgli, at 1,978 metres
  • 3.50 hrs Blüemlisalp SAC hut, at 2,840 metres
  • 5.20 hrs Oberi Bundalp, at 1,840 metres
  • 6.10 hrs Griesalp, at 1,408 metres


The hike starts at Oeschinensee. You can choose either the lower route via Underbärgli, which takes you to Felsbalmen – with refreshments at Bärgbeizli Bärgbeizli Underbärgli  for the ascent ahead – or via Oberbärgli. The other option is the steep zigzag route over the meadows. You will have views of Oeschinensee throughout. Both routes converge at Oberbärgli.

Along the long lateral moraine of the Blümlisalp glacier you will make your way to the scree on the southern slope of the Schwarzhorn. With every step you take, the chasms and glaciers of the giant mountains come closer into view. You will eventually reach the Hohtürli pass after having zigzagged through the rocky slopes. The Blümlisalphütte SAC Blümlisalp SAC hut (phone: +41 33 676 14 37), which offers overnight accommodations, food and beverages, is situated some 60 metres further up. From there you will see the dazzling white peaks of the Blüemlisalp massif in the immediate vicinity.

The descent on the Kiental side calls for special caution – especially in wet conditions! The steep path takes you through boulder fields, and you will find ropes and chains for safety in some places. The path descends steeply along the rock face until you reach Oberi Bundalp (+ 41 33 676 11 92), where you can stay comfortably overnight, as in the times of the Swiss writer Jeremias Gotthelf. The hut offers simple dormitory-style lodging with single or shared rooms for four. If you like down-to-earth meals, this is the right place for you. When preparing the specialities, the chefs attach great importance to fresh ingredients, all of which are grown organically on their own farm.

You can continue over the Underi Bundalp on a broad alpine trail that takes you to the Golderli (+41 33 676 21 92) guesthouse and the stop of the post bus.

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