Visp – Visperterminen (Reblehrpfad)

Visp – Visperterminen (Reblehrpfad)

Hiking Route

Be prepared for a steep ascend from Visp, up the Visp Valley, past Oberstalden, and on to the village of Visperterminen. The route takes you to the Reblehrpfad (vintners’ path) and the Tärbiner Kulturwag (Tärbin cultural path) and to the highest vineyard in Europe.

Start: Visp – railway station

End: Vispertermine, bus stop

Accommodation and meals: Various options in Visp, Hotel Gebidem in Visperterminen

Only refreshments: Restaurant Heida in Visperterminen

Category: White-red-white

Highlights: The Reblehrpfad takes you along Europe’s highest vineyard, the Tärbiner Kulturwäg

  • 00.00 h Visp, 648 m
  • 00.20 h Hubel, 696 m
  • 00.50 h  Bächji, 847 m
  • 01.30 h  Rotgstei, 1039 m
  • 01.45 h  Oberstalden, 1020 m
  • 02.10 h  Chrizji, 1125 m


The hike starts at the Visp railway station.From there, follow the signs to Visperterminen.The route first takes you south through the town along Bahnhofstrasse to Kantonsstrasse, which you then cross get to the old part of town and to the Kaufplatz. Continue slightly uphill past the old courthouse, past the Martinskirche, and on to the cemetery. From there, you’ll see the sign for the Reblehrpfad.Turn left towards Vispertermine.The vineyard slopes begin right after you leave the last houses of the hamlet of Hubel. At the next fork, turn left toward the steeper but shorter slope and continue along the path. This is where the Reblehrpfad begins.

You’ll see boards with information about the traditions and challenges of winemaking in the area and with explanations for words like Wimdu (grape harvesting), Foltru (vine care), Schniidu (pruning) or Müüru (repairing damaged walls). The Visp Valley has among the lowest rainfalls in Switzerland. With a southwest slop of 40 degrees, the “Riebe” is ideally positioned against the sun in autumn and protected from the cold north winds, thanks to its favourable location. This is where some of Switzerland’s best wines are produced, such as Heida and some Pinot Noirs. At first, the trail takes you right through the lower vines. When you reach the Bächji bus stop, cross a road where there is a big bend to the right. Follow the paved road going up on the left-hand side. If you like, you can make a ten-minute detour to the St. Jodern winery and taste their wines. From the Bächji bus stop, the path takes you along sweeping bends through the vineyard up to Oberi Riebe via Graue Egga and on to Rotgstei, the highest point of the vineyard. There you turn right, leaving the paved road for a wonderful mountain trail towards Oberstalden (not via Rebberg). You will soon enter a forest, and a short time later you will descend a bit until you cross the mountain stream Bächji.From the other side, the trail ascends slightly to the hamlet of Oberstalden.This is where the Tärbiner Kulturwag begins. Along it you will learn about the history, culture and life of the inhabitants of the valley. Along the stone walls by a wide mule track, the trail ascends slightly through light woodland to Chrizji. Between the trees you can catch occasional views of the Matterhorn and the Visp Valley.The trail then takes you through a tree-lined section and past a chapel, from where magnificent views open up on the valley and the sparse forest. Along the way you will see some of the 13 suones (ancient water and irrigation channels) that are still in use. Finally, you arrive at the lower end of the hamlet of Visperterminen. The route climbs steeply up the Furuweg and Furustutz, taking you right to the centre of the hamlet. Below the bus stop, you can get some refreshments at Hotel Gebidem (+41 27 948 11 11) or at Restaurant Heida (+41 27 946 20 96).